Tips to Consider when Choosing Koozies

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A koozie is a device that is made of fabric or foam and is used to keep beverages in cans or bottle cold. These beverages include beer, cold drinks, soft drinks among others. Before choosing a koozie, there are some factors that you should consider.

Koozies can be used as a marketing tool. Since customers purchase it and take it to their homes, the company’s face is brought home and thus the popularity. To get more details about Koozies, click koozies wholesale. The koozie will act as a company’s salesperson since your friends and relatives will keep on asking you further information about your functional koozie. You should also consider the material and the fabric that is used to make the koozie. Koozies are made from materials like neoprene, polyester among others. The will bear different designs with different colors and shapes. You will choose a koozie from the material and the design that you want.

Before purchasing this product, you should understand its benefits and its disadvantages. It is good before buying a product to know what some of the uses and its drawbacks are. You should know that koozies are used to keep the beverages cold and prevent wet hands that result from condensation forms on the outer part of the can. Therefore, they help you to avoid any undesirable effect of the condensed water on hands. Its estimated time to keep the drinks cold is forty minutes. This product is used in the marketing of the company since it is relatively a cheap method. Some of the companies offer this product as a gift to its clients which helps retain most of the customers.

You should consider the purpose of your koozie. Visit to get more info about Koozies. The use of the koozie will dictate its design. Many people prefer custom-made koozies for their birthday parties, wedding, among other special events. The graphics on the koozie will depend on your occasion. For instance, a birthday custom-made koozie design will appear different to a wedding koozie design. In the companies where these koozies are made, they will offer them at different prices. The difference in costs will result from the cost of manufacture as well the quality of the koozie. You can consider buying your koozie at koozie wholesalers who will sell to you at a relatively lower price as compared to the retail dealers.

Koozies can also be made at your home from simple materials. Materials like old clothing such as sweaters or any other sewn material that is laid at the base of the container. Other materials such as cotton can also be useful in making your home-made koozie. Learn more from


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